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    About us


    The company of Zist bani paya has been established by the mean of sustainable development in agriculture section and presenting the related technology in order to provide the related materials and methods of production in order to produce organic and healthy products. This company is representing the technical knowledge and products of steamed companies in agricultural field in the worldwide. 


    Zist Bani paya Is the first Iranian company ever that is presenting new methods in ICM. We not only warranty the profit of production but also warranties producing a healthy product and also the safety of the environment.


    Here at Zist Bani Paya, we resonance a global thinking. Our vision is to generate an essential change in accordance with the highest international standard of the industry.  With this in mind, satisfaction of our suppliers and our clients is our first priority. In order to achieve this satisfaction our team of specialists, try hard to understand the visions and needs of our clients. Then they will establish an individual plan, utilizing the expertise and technical knowledge of our suppliers, with the creativity of our own specialist team.


    Our products have the highest standards of today’s international market, in compliance with the regulations of the industry within the country.  We try hard to employ the variety of toxin free and organic products according to our clients needs. We compete in international and domestic market to ensure our products is best suited for our client’s success.


    -We have more than 10 years experience in providing products for variety of agricultural field.  As a result we are able to attain a base of knowledge for our client with the consideration of international and domestic regulations on the best way to obtain the needed materials.

    -Our experienced professionals work hard to educate themselves further in this ever-changing field of knowledge, they attend international and domestic conferences and they are able to transfer this knowledge to our clients during consultation.

    -Our team of profetionals continuously research with innovation and creativity to advance new products according to the individual needs of our clients and later on we organize workshop and give free samples in order to  get our clients familiar with our products.

    -According to our constitution a budget is determined annually in order to get the farmers familiar with the bio  agro products. our company introduce the new products to plant protection organization and we reccomend them to use these new products.

    - We are currently work with Andermatt Biocontrol AG in Switzerland, Trifolio-M in Germany, Bioiberica and SEDQ in Spain,  nternational pheromone system in England, Pherobank in Netherlands, Coopers environmental science in south Africa and Green Agro Tech in South Korea

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    No.20, shahin alley, 5th golestan, pasdaran Ave, Tehran, Iran

    Postal code:166794614

    tel: (021)22941478 - (021)22969246

    Fax: (021)22949597 

    Mobile : 09332668176



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