Trichoderma harzianum

    It is produced from the spores of Trichoderma harzianum-T22
    Soluble in water and you may use as foliar spray or in irrigation system.
    If the package do not open it remain for 2 years
    Keep in dry and cool place (10-25cantigrade) under the shade.
    It is compatible with other agro chemicals( do not mix with other fungicides)
    It has no risk for aquatics, humans and beneficial insects
    It contains 84% caoline
    It does not have carence periode
    It is compatible with IPM system
    It would not leave any residue on the crops
    Trichoderma Harzianum- T22 is from beneficial micro-organism which is in the soil and you may find it around the root of the plant and it is extracted from the soils which they grown in it.
    Trichoderma Harzianum will enhance the roots, increases the growth of the plant and it makes the plant to be more resistance to plant pathogens, lack of nutrition, irrigation and weather situation. In order to gain best result you should use this product in the first of cultivation season. Trichoderma harzianum contains 16% v/v Fungal Spores and 84% v/v other ingredients (caoline).Tricoderma Harzianum contains 1× 〖10〗^7 UFC/g spores of Tricoderma Harzianum.
    Trichoderma Harzianum is for controlling pathogens such as: Pythium، Rhizoctonia، Fusarium، Thielaviopsis، Cylindrocladium، Myrothecium، Botrytis and Sclerotini.
    Trichoderma Harzianum is used on vegetables such as corn, Soya, potato and some of Horticulture crops, ornamentals, greenhouses crops (tomato and cucumber), nurseries (rice and tomato), seedling nurseries and fields.
    Packaging: In aluminum packages of 1 kg in cartoons, in every box 10 cartoons.

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