ceratrap Liquid

    Cera Trap
    • Resistance to UV, sun light and rain for long levity of attractants material in the trap.
    • The yellow body causes the trap to attract more insects, and it is made from non-odor propylene material.
    • It has new and specific design and therefore it causes the trap to attract more flies than the others.
    • It has production permission from PPO with No: 9679/730

    Cera Trap is used for attracting all kind of flies especially Mediterranean fruit fly. Because of it new design that makes the air ventilates better, that causes the trap to attract more flies, and works better than the other traps. The attractant solution must be purred in the yellow container of the trap till the location contained (about 300 cc). Because this trap special propylene has long levity and you may use it several seasons.

    Trap Parts:
    Yellow Body, door of Trap, 3 light pips, hanger, and installation guide.

    Packaging : every cartoon box contain50 Traps with complete parts.

    Amount and usage:
    For monitoring install 1 Cera Trap per hectare and for mass trapping 70 to 100 trap/ hectare. The traps should be installed on the south side of the tree trunk in the height of 1.5 to 2 miters evenly in the entire zone. If there are tree host around the field you must add to the quantity of the traps.
    The time to install the Cera Trap is 45 days before the harvest time.


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