Glue Spray

    It is created from special polymer, without odor, without color and it never dries.
    Resistant to UV, sun and rain or snow.
    It is Easy to use, environment friendly and without chemical residue
    You may spray it on any surface or goods for pest control
    It has 5year life time
    You may store it normal storage temperature
    It is compatible with IPM methods
    Adhesive that exist in this spray, it is used as bait for all kind of pests (fields, orchards, storage and house pests) and it is used in different kind of traps such as Delta Trap, Wing Trap and it is also used for recharging yellow and blue sticky cards and rolls. In general you may use this spray to easy catch pests in orchards, hospitals, restaurants, Fish farms, butcher stores, garage, stores and all the places which pests will infest. Each spray will cover 7.5 m^2.

    Each can has 500cc adhesive. One box containes 20 cans.

    Usage methods:
    Spray a thin layer on the target surface, 16 hours later the adhesive is ready to catch pests.

    How to prepare the glue spray:
    Before using the spray, please shake it properly. Do no put it under direct sunlight.
    Do not spray the adhesive in hard wind.
    For better effect of adhesive please spray twice on the target surface.
    For removing adhesive from your hands or surface, please remove it by vegetable oil.
    The Adhesive Solvent Remover is vegetable oil.

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