Biolight C

    • Biolite-C can attract both male and female of Chilo Suppressalis.
    • It easily gets setup without outer source of nutrition.
    • It automatically get turn on nights and turn off in day and get recharged in day by sunlight.
    • It has production permission from PPO of Iran with No. 9679/730.
    • It is high resistant in orchards and fields under the heat and moisture and UV.
    • It is used in IPM system along with pheromone.


    A lot of insects both male and female are attracted in different wave lights also different species of insects have unique and specific reaction to the light waves.
    For some time the farmers had noticed that insects attract to the light and they used the ordinary light traps, in a way that there were no control on the intensity of light nor specific wave lights to attract specific insects.
    This trap with few wave lights can produce a specific wave light to attract Chilo Suppressalis and it does not attract beneficial insects.
    Biolite-C with extended light wave will prevent the immigration of insect from outside of the field to inside.
    Biolite-C is used in IPM system for monitoring and mass trapping.

    The parts of this trap in contained of:
    Blue pan, blue plastic connector, two pheromone carts, Ironic connector, solar lamp, guidance instruction.
    5 Traps in one box.

    Method of usage:

    Integrated pest management for controlling Chilo Suppressalis Amount of pest in the trap in one week
    a) Mass traping with 20 Biolite-C with Chilo Suppressalis pheromones in one hectare Low risk 3 pieces
    b) Spraying with Neem Azal T/S or (BTK)
    a) Mass trapping with 20-40 Biolite-Cwith Chilo Suppresalis pheromone in one hectare Medium risk 3-30 pieces
    b) Spraying with Neem Azal T/S or (BTK)
    a) Mass trapping with 40-50 Biolite-C traps with Chilo Suppressalis pheromones in one hectare High risk More than 30 pieces
    b) Spraying with Neem Azal T/S or (BTK)
    c) Spraying with allowed insecticide by recommendation of beanery

    Place Trap in paddy The traps should be placed in paddy evenly and in the height of 50-70 cm from the ground. The traps shouldn’t be placed under the tree or under the foliage of the trees. The Traps need thedirect sun light for recharging of the batteries.

    Note: Biolite-C will be more efficient when it is used along with Chilo Suppressalis.

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