macphail trap


    • Resistant to UV light, heat, Rain and snow, for long levity of pheromone or attractant material inside the trap.
    • It has transparent body in order to see the inside of trap and it is made of propylene material without odor.
    • The yellow color on the top of the head of the trap with specific color spectrum causes to attract more pests.
    • It has production permission with No.9679/730 from PPO


    Macphil Trap it is designed especially for the fruit flies. It is made from transparent propylene at the top and yellow container with green pheromone basket that connects to the top parts of the trap. Because of kind of propylene material that is used in this trap, it has long levity and I can be used in several working season.

    This trap is the best trap to attract fruit flies in the windy area. With this trap you can both use pheromone lures and attractant solutions (Protein Hydrolyses).the attractant solution will be purred in the lower part of the trap that the attracted pests will be too. The attracted pests can be seen and get counted from the transparent part of the trap.

    The trap parts:

    Transparent container, yellow head, green pheromone basket, wire hanger and installation guide.

    Packaging: each box contains 50 traps with complete parts

    Amount and the way of usage:

    For monitoring one to two traps per hectare and for mass trapping 30 to 40 traps per hectare.

    Hang the traps in the south of tree in the outer canopy of the tree. In the field and in the patch the traps should be hanged by a mandatory a little higher than the bushes.

    Macphil Trap must be hanged before first generation of Target pest and move it away after the harvest season.

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