Multi Funnel Trap

    Multi- Funnel Trap

    Resistant to UV, heat and rain it has long levity for several year
    It has new design that is incompatible with last designs.
    The body of the trap is made in shape of tree body of palm tree and in the special color.

    Multi Funnel Trap is designed to attract Red Palm Weevil. This trap contains six funnels that have special size that cause the fake palm tree for the beetle of Red Palm weevil and this will cause to attract the pest in to the Trap. In the end of the funnels there is container the gets separated very easily and you may count the amount of beetles in the trap. You may use this trap for monitoring and mass Trapping.
    Multi Funnel Trap has made of three parts a green head, 6 funnels that are connected to each other and a collection container. You can connect the lure with a tin wire to the edge of second or third funnel.

    Parts of the Trap:
    Head of Trap along with funnels, collection container in the end, wire hanger and installation guide.
    Packaging: in each cartoon 5 Traps with complete parts.

    Amount and time of usage:
    For monitoring one trap per hectare and for mass trapping one trap per 666 m^2(multiply the average height of the palms on the surface). Hang the traps in height about 1.5 to 2 of the trees. If the traps didn’t attract any pests in 5 to 10 days please hang them from somewhere else of the trees.

    The Multi funnel trap must get hang before the first generation of beetles infestation.

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