By nature, For nature

By nature, For nature

With the aim of preserving the health of the environment, the company is active in the production and supply of plant pest control products, with the aim of improving and upgrading the agricultural standards in the country.

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The number of traps used in the farm or garden depends on whether you want to track (determine when the pest appears) or mass hunt the target pest. According to which method is considered, the number of traps per hectare is different. For example, depending on the type of pheromone, 1-5 traps per hectare are recommended for monitoring and tracking the target pest. Also, in mass hunting, the number of traps per hectare depends on the level of contamination, the population of the target pest and the area of the garden or farm.

A pheromone dispenser or pad is placed in each pheromone basket inside the trap.

The lifespan of each pheromone in field conditions depends on various factors such as environmental conditions (humidity, ambient temperature and windiness of the area). Normally, pheromone capsules can be used in the field for 4-12 weeks (depending on the type of pheromone and dispenser used). After installing the pheromone and releasing the pheromone in the garden or farm, over time the absorption power of the traps decreases and it is necessary to replace the pheromone dispenser, so it is not possible to use one pheromone for several generations of the pest and it must be replaced for the next generation of the pest. .

All purchased formulas must be kept at a temperature below zero degrees Celsius for long-term storage (2 years). After the delivery of the goods, the pheromones should be transferred to the refrigerator, if the pheromones are stored outside the refrigerator or freezer, the effectiveness of the pheromones will decrease.

Considering that pheromones should not be placed in a hot environment, therefore, at the time of shipping, pheromones are packed and sent with dry ice.

300-500 cc of Seratrap liquid should be poured into Seratrap traps. Do not mix Seratrap liquid with water or other substances.

According to regional conditions and pest population, delta traps or funnel traps can be used. If the area has strong wind or dust, it is recommended to use funnel traps or funnel traps because the use of delta traps in such areas causes dust to settle on the sticky cards inside the trap and reduces the effectiveness of the trap. . Also, if the pest population is high in the area, the funnel trap is more efficient because it catches more large and small moths.

The light traps have a rechargeable battery and a solar charging panel. Before installing in the field, the solar panel along with the batteries should be placed under the sun for 24 hours and the on and off button of the trap should always be on. After 24 hours, the trap is ready to be installed in the field or garden.

All the pheromone products of the Paya biotech company are produced and supplied from the best raw materials obtained from European companies (Germany, England, etc.) inside Iran and by the specialists of this company.

Due to the fact that all pheromone products are manufactured by this company and are dated today, the shipping time varies from one to several days depending on the volume of the order.